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The Serenity Center
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Group Acupuncture
Treatments Provided by
Maryland University of Integrative Health 
Tax-deductible donations of $10.00 or less to the non-profit Serenity Center are appreciated; The Serenity Center reimburses MUIH for needles and supplies.
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Saturdays at 9:30 am
Acupuncture is therapy developed by the ancient Chinese that uses needles, application of heat, or finger pressure, or a combination, to stimulate various points on the skin.  The stimulation of these points encourages the flow of energy in the body along meridians (or channels) which in turn can affect us physically, mentally and spiritually.  Because acupuncture has a balancing effect on the body, it is useful for drug, alcohol and even nicotine detoxification.  It helps calm the emotions and reduces cravings.  It also is helpful against the symptoms of withdrawal.  
La acupuntura es una terapia desarrollada por los antinguos Chinos que usaban agujas, aplicaban calor, o presionaban el dedo (o combinacion de todo esto) para estimular varios puntos de la piel.  El estimulo de estos puntos anima el fluir de la energia en el cuerpo a lo largo de meridianos (o canales) que a su vez pueden afectarnos fisicamente, mental y espiritualmente.  Debido a que la acupunctura tiene un efecto balanceador en el cuerpo, es util para la desentoxicacion del alcohol, las drogas, y la nicotina.  Ayuda a calamr las emociones y reducer el deseo intenso de drogas.  Ayuda tambien a combater los sintomas de retirada de las drogas y el alcohol.

Auricular (ear) Acupuncture
* Healthier Self-image    * Reduction of Physical Ailments    * Spiritual Connection with Inner Self  
* Reduced Cravings for Food, Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes, etc.        * Less Hostility 
* Positive Social Interactions     * Sick Less Often     * Helps with Allergies  
* Relieves Arthritis, Back Pain & PMS  * Strengthens Immune System  
* Relieves Prostate Issues  * Enhances Deeper Sleep
BENEFITS Include:     * Stress Reduction      * Relaxation       * Decreased Anxiety  
Please arrive no later than 9:40 am in order to experience the full benefits of each treatment